Ho ho ho - It’s that time of year again, folks! I mean, it feels like it’s been that time of year for far too long, let's be honest. But it's November now and I have a real life Christmas market round the corner, so it's totally legit to be discussing this. Bring on the Christmas chat! 

And I want to chat markets. 

Christmas is such an important time for a maker - it is as exciting as it is exhausting. I am currently buried in a pile of rope necklaces and have the blisters on my fingers to show for it. The long evenings spent building up stock and the weekends standing by a sometimes freezing stall are all worth it when the markets are done and hopefully a lot of happy customers are heading home with your handmade designs as gifts for their friends and family. That really is the best - I love it.

I would say I’m fairly new to the market game - this will be my third year - but I have learned a lot. If you’re signed-up to your first fair and don’t know quite what to expect, here are my top tips for surviving and thriving this xmas market season.

Part 1 - Bagging yourself a stall. The right stall!

Part 2 - Preparation, preparation, preparation

Part 3 - The day is here - what do I do?