You've never sold your wears at a market before. It's intimidating. What markets are there? Am I good enough? How do I apply?

Don't worry, we all feel like this and my biggest tip is just jump in. As soon as you start looking and doing, it all feels a whole lot less scary. Makers and markets are super friendly places. The best place to look for markets in your area is good ol' Facebook and Instagram.

Search for '[your area] makers market' to find markets near you. For Londoners, I've listed some of my faves at the bottom of this post.

Now you've found a list of markets you're interested in, here are my top tips for bagging that stall.

Apply early!

Applications for Christmas markets often happen in the summer or even earlier. Make sure you sign-up to all the relevant email lists early in the year and get your application in as soon as they are open 

Make sure the market matches your product

You want to make sure the right people are visiting your stall, otherwise you’ll be keeping your seat warm and meeting some other lovely makers, but not getting any money in that till.

Have a look on the market’s website and Instagram. Check out which vendors have sold there previously and if your products match. For example, I don’t apply for the flea market / vintage type fairs as my bright bold necklaces would stick out like a sore thumb.

Prepare an application kit

Almost all applications will require you to share a short blurb about your business and some photos of your products. I have a short snappy two sentence description I use for all my applications and my best photos saved in my ‘Markets’ folder on my Google Drive so it’s super quick and easy for me to apply. Make sure your products are simple, clear and show your products in their best light.

My fave London Markets

Crafty Fox 

Urban Makers East

E17 Designers

Wasted Chic

Local Makers Market

BUST Craftacular

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