The day has arrived - hoorah! You're all prepared with your flat-pack display, pockets filled with business cards, and lots of lovely products to sell at your stall. What now?

Try and pack all of your display and products neatly into a fairly compact transportable storage solution. I use a large wheelie suitcase and an additional record case, but it's totally up to you. 

Ideally, you will turn up and, like Superman, (I'm not sure this analogy works, but go with me) you will swiftly pull up, and bish bash bosh, turn your empty table into a magical display in a matter of minutes.  Ok, that's more like a Transformer. Let's go with that instead.

The reason I say this, is when I turned up at my first market laden with boxes and boxes of stuff and it took me 3 or 4 trips back and forth to the car to unload. By the time I had done this, all the pros had arrived later than me and set up their stalls while I was still huffing and puffing and nowhere near ready.

If you want to feel like a pro - Set up quick. Pack down quick.


And the most important thing of all. Have fun! It's brilliant meeting all your customers and all the other stall holders. Sometimes I've barely sold anything but I've loved it as I've met such lovely people. It's great to be with your tribe for a day, in actual real life. Enjoy it and your customers will too.

Before I leave you to totally smash that Christmas market, I thought it might be useful to share my Super Handy Market Checklist (or rather - The things I have totally forgotten before and wish I hadn’t)

  • Scissors, Pens, Glue
  • Business cards & business card stand
  • Packaging - paper bags, tissue paper, stickers
  • A sign telling people you accept cards
  • A mirror if you sell fashion items you want your customers to be able to try on
  • Price tags for all your products (and spare ones in case you lose any)
  • Bulldog clips to hold your table cover on if it’s windy
  • Float tin, with cash in! (Last market I did, I brought the tin, but no money. Make sure you sort this before the day)
  • Card Reader - Make sure you test this the day before to make sure everything syncs and works as it should
  • iPad / Phone that connects to your card reader - Make sure the OS is up to date and your POS app works!
  • Portable WIFI device - this can just be your phone if you don’t have a dongle
  • Phone charger
  • Table cover
  • Display - including your branded sign
  • Lights (if it’s going to be dark)
  • Finally, and most importantly, your products! (I have actually forgotten these before, so check and check again before you go)
If you have any questions, hit me up in the comments or if you have any tips you think I've missed or I've totally got something wrong, let me know!

    Good Luck and have a fab festive season.

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