Get Loose collection

The new Shoorah Shoorah collection is finally here. And with it some new rope, packaging and a new look website!

I wanted to tell you a bit more about the changes I have made and why I have made them. And also, more importantly, what has stayed the same.

I have been creating and selling rope designs as Shoorah Shoorah for over 4 years and over this time the brand has evolved and grown.  I have been working with amazing utility rope throughout this time and I loved the versatility it gave me in terms of designs and colours. It’s easy to work with (you can burn it to stop the fraying), it’s hard-wearing and strong.

However, my main supplier has been based in America and, as I have been working to reduce the plastic I use at home I became more and more conscious that, at its core, it is essentially a plastic product. 

That’s not to say all plastic is bad - my designs are in no way single use. But through researching and testing other materials I found I could remain true to the bright and bold designs I love whilst changing to natural cotton and I also found an amazing British supplier. My decision was made.

Changing to cotton hasn’t been about compromise. It is softer and more malleable and I am therefore able to create new shapes that were not possible before. With this in mind I wanted the new collection to be an ode to this new material and so ‘Get Loose’ explores the new shapes and forms created with knots when you loosen them up and allow them to breathe. 

Get Loose collection

I have also found an amazing non-toxic eco textile protector which helps keep the new designs looking fab and ensures they’re easy-to-clean.

But what about the old designs?

I’m conscious that people love the old collection and also that I have rope left to create these necklaces. So, for lovers of the old designs I have two pieces of good news:

  1. I will be launching a pop-up shop very soon where you can get your hands on the old pieces for half price until they’re all sold out!
  2. I will be bringing back some of the most popular designs in cotton form later this year on the new website

I’d love to know what you think about the new designs, materials and colours - as ever, hit me up on Insta or ping me and email.